The Human Fungus Theory

The Human Fungus Theory



The Big Big Picture

The Big Big Picture

An Analysis of Life’s Formation Throughout the Universe

An Analysis of Life’s Formation Throughout the Universe



This book is a collection of facts, evidence and events that support the thesis that all life generated on Earth is one very large and very old “fungus” of which humanity is ultimately the spore.

Among the facts and evidence that support this theory are:
1. The evolutionary split in early fungus life around one billion years ago that formed both plant and animal life on Earth are part of one large system.
2. All plants and animals retain certain fungal characteristics from that split.
3. The behavior of all plant and animal life throughout evolution is highly comparable to the growth of fungi in the mushroom life cycle.

For instance, at the end of this cycle, this particular fungi system, a mushroom, produces spores to procreate and exponentially expand new life. Since the Earth will ultimately end, humanity’s purpose in this system is comparable to that of the spore of Earth’s ancient “fungus”.

Ultimately, this “spore” will be ejected from Earth to continue its growth in the cosmos. Thus, all life on Earth is one ever-evolving “fungus” that has developed humanity as its spore to continue life beyond the bounds of Earth.
Figure F21 (The Human Fungus Theory).
This figure shows the bacterial building process that is the foundation for the development of Fungi. This Fungal process is how a consciousness evolves to the end of its terrestrial beginnings. A self feeding solar evolutionary process that limits the awareness of what may become conscious the ability to trace back to its true origin.
Terms of Evidence
Terms of Evidence
Everything biological or alive on earth, on any biosphere – from the first divided cell to the last surviving animal – is one very large and very old fungus.

Big Big Picture The largest visual perspective by the evidence of the universe we can see and calculate to date. From the Pre-Big Bang to the CMB (Cosmic Microwave Background) and predicted and calculated futures (the TEU – Total Expanded Universe).

Human Condition Of Absolutes This term represents the ultimate condition that humans will have to overcome: the overheating of the earth due to the sun getting larger.

Hidden True Origin
The fact that humans can not establish the origins of where they came from.

True Origin
The true place from where all life originated.

End Of Biosphere

Evidence of System

Void Of Psychosis A void in one’s identity if one can not know its true origin, causing psychosis.

Terrestrial Evolution

Biospheric Bound
Anything living is bound to the limits of its biosphere.

PreMature Conscious State
A state of consciousness in which full maturity can not be attained.

Mature Conscious State A state of consciousness that has matured.

Asulesent Conscious State
The growth of a consciousness that is still bound to its biosphere.

Permeated Collective Conscious

Post Terrestrial Existence
When an animal is existing off a terrestrial surface.

End Of Light Epoch
A point in time where there is no longer any illuminating light emitted in the universe.

Uni Galactic Conscience Harvest A point in time when all the conscious growth is collected throughout the universe.

Total Expanded Universe

The theory that the matter in the universe quickly expanded due to the walls or membrane surrounding it moving outward, not from a bang.

Quickly Expanding Membrane A membrane surrounding the center mass called the pre-big bang element, quickly expanding away causing a vacuum and the expansion of matter.

A place of origin where conscious organic life originated, before that life started organically on Earth.

A potential ingredient within the concoction of the primordial fluctuation or pre-big bang element to ensure the aftermath of biological ignition.

Technical Evacuation Standards
Meeting the technical standards necessary to evacuate Earth

Eternal Self Sufficiency
Humans being capable of a self significant life beyond Earth eternally

The final phase of the organic timeframe on Earth when the temperature slowly increases, forcing humanity to self-genetically mutate and develop technologies to survive and leave the overheating Earth.

The future time period or epoch when humans are no longer on earth, but are permanently and freely traveling within the solar system. From the ward; Heliocentric, meaning solar system.

The future time period or epoch when humans are forced out of the solar system permanently and are traveling through the Milky Way galaxy.

The future time period or epoch when humans are traveling the cosmos from galaxy to galaxy.

Single-Cell Computer Transporter Single-celled animals that can propel themselves and have a memory cell or small brain.

Multicellular Computer Transporter All multicellular life that propel themselves and have a memory cell or brain.

Aquatic Computer Transporter A brain in all animals that propel themselves in water.

Quadruped Computer Transporter; a brain land animals have, that is transported on four legs.

Bipedal Computer Transporter: A brain land animals have, that are transported on two legs.

Galactic Computer Transporter
A brain space animals have, that is permanently transported by a spaceship throughout the galaxy.

The scientific description of a planet that harbors biology like a petri dish.

A solar system with a planet that harbors organic life using other orbital objects and or planets to support that life in the shape of a disc.

The Tin Can Man A final product of the entire organic life process, as a minimum example of the success of that organic life or metaphorically, a spore.

Lightless Epoch The time or period when all the light in the universe is no longer generated.

Maximum Conscious Growth
When consciousness has grown to its maximum
Figure 1 (Earth’s timeline)
This figure represents the biological evolution of a fungus from beginning to end. It shows the many different phases the fungus will go through in order to spawn, generate and launch a conscious growth. From bombardment to cooling and then reheating the biosphere in which that fungus is born and destroyed, this continually evolving environment will produce a matured consciousness that will be propelled into space to regenerate.

This is a system of absolutes. Under such conditions, it would seem the same process of conscious growth of organic life should be replicated in the same manner elsewhere throughout the universe. Viewing this process, from humble terrestrial beginnings to extraterrestrial existence in its entirety, as a system that brings a nascent conscious growth to its maximum potential reveals the function, and arguably the purpose, of the universe: that being as a mechanism for conscious growth.

The mere fact that you can read this manuscript today, while humans were incapable of storing and transferring information –via formal methods of communication like writing– thousands of years ago, is evidence that human life, and all life on Earth that was or will be, is a continuing conscious growth process.

This demonstrates that a higher level of consciousness exists today in comparison to that of past times. And that as time moves forward, consciousness increases yet at a faster rate still. More recently, even over short periods of time, human consciousness has grown significantly. This demonstrates that this conscious growth occurs at exponentially accelerating rates. We hold more power in our hands now within a common smartphone than what was used to get the astronauts to the moon in 1969, and this giant leap for mankind has taken place within less than the span of 100 years.

With only this evidence presented to you, it would seem like the craziest luck or accident of all accidents that this would occur in the universe by fluke or chance. It would make more sense if this was an intended result or a logical consequence of some underlying mechanism. This work aims to demonstrate that conscious growth occurs due to underlying principles inherent within the universe. Principles as basic as gravity. These limitations force continual adaptation, which is best displayed in the evolution of life forms and their response to their environment. An example of such a forced adaptation that is quintessential for any conscious growth to overcome is the death of its biosphere, and as stated before, Earth’s fate is no different. We are becoming more and more aware of Earth’s inevitable demise in modern times due to scientific advancement in the understanding of the sun’s increasing heat output. Knowledge of this fact leads to the realization that Earth will overheat and become inhospitable to life at some point in the future.

This “Human Condition of Absolutes” causes fear and concern over the longevity of our species as a whole. The awareness of this condition is only beginning to permeate the general public’s awareness and these ramifications are personal to us. However, this is not the case, as this mechanism is at play in every star system throughout the universe. Thus, this is a universal limitation for any life to form, become sentient, and evacuate its birthplace. Ultimately, the proof that this mechanism exists will be shown to be evident in the formation and evolution of life itself. Thus, it will become clear to the reader that the product of the universe is Maximum Conscious Growth (MCG) and it is achieved by the mechanisms enforced by the very physics that govern the universe itself. The physical manifestation of this conscious growth is the ultimate appearance of a “fungus” that produces a spore.

If it is an absolute that this planet’s ability to continue reproduction for all the life that may evolve on it will eventually end, then, this is a system by which a product must result. That product would be a spore-like life-form that may live beyond its post-terrestrial origins and then continue to proliferate in the cosmos. We’ll call this absolute, “The Human Condition of Absolutes”, in order to get a spore to succeed its biospheric birth place.
Figure KS1 (The Four Timeline Perspectives)
This figure shows the four different time lines that work simultaneously together that generate and grow a consciousness. This is done in a cold dark vaccuum.

The evolution of matter and the numerous changes it has made since it started as heat, encompasses the theme and theory that what may develop as intelligence might detect its True Origin. By observing the behavior of all matter as we see it today, lends the theory that it could be the design itself that makes and suggests that there is an intent to hide True Origin from consciousness as it grows and in a sense the intent to make it. It may be that without this naivety, any biospheric conscious growth might not be willing to continue forward. This shows in the randomness of matter, not only random but random variable displacement of matter and only structural evidence being that matter had a center point from which it expands and knowing nothing before that conception.
FIGURE 004 (Evidence Of System)
This figure demonstrates the use and connection of the elements (terms and acrinums) that culminate a conscious growth process to MCG.

Figure P19 (The Expansion of Matter)
This figure shows the time in which matter has been expanding and the production of stars, galaxies, solar systems, and planets in order to grow a consciousness to maturity
Figure X73 (Expansion of Matter Part 2)
This figure shows the time and function of the formation of matter that spawns a fungus to its maturity and out into space